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William Morris believed that the secret of happiness lay in taking a genuine interest in life and advocated that we “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” The Sands Fulton Gift Emporium exists to help more people to be happy through the act of mindful giving. Exceptionally fine, highly functional, live well buy- once, tasteful gifts, that respect our planet.

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The perfect gift for body and mind this season is all about well-being. Lounge in Harris Tweed mules for heavenly feet. Restore, repair and rewind the years with divine Floraganics- Rejuvinescene Elixir. Exclusively curated -when only the best pampering will do ‘The 700, ‘ a limited edition collection, British-made and officially the finest handkerchief in the world.

Pucker Pearls Exclusively at Sands Fulton, British Designer Luxury Natural-Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Exclusive COllection

finest heirloom accessories hemstitched and crafted in time honoured tradition
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Our Values

What they mean


Preserving Skills

Gifts made with love, crafted using time-honoured traditional skills, handed down through the generations, and supporting family businesses that power communities.


Sands Fulton cares for the Environment

Planet Savvy

Concern for our planet is enshrined in Sands Fulton’s values, honesty, transparency, traceability and provenance. We care about where and how each gift is made and its lifetime impact on the environment.

Sands Fulton British made

British Made

Passionate about preserving “Made in Britain” Businesses, we will literally go to the end of the earth, to breath new life into former makers of luxury gifts once the envy of the world.

Live Well Buy Once

Live Well Buy Once

Beautiful, high functioning, no-nonsense heirloom luxury gifts, presents you can be proud to give, that will give a lifetime of joyful service and beyond.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade

Fine Gifts from ethical traders with fair practices,  and with love and respect for the people who made them.

Exclusive Collections

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Poster RMS Queen Mary Sands Fulton Story
Read our Story

Sands Fulton proud of our Scottish heritage for the joy of giving exceptional gifts from around the world.

The Sands Fulton story is grounded in a world of pioneering emporiums and luxury travel. At its roots, Cunard’s White Star Liner, RMS the Queen Mary a transatlantic passenger ship, built in Clydebank, Scotland, and Selfridges dubbed “London’s Greatest Store”. At its centre, a woman benefited from a culture where hard-working, talented women could work their way right up to the top. A legacy of Harry Selfridge’s Flagship Emporium. A company that revolutionised the whole shopping experience, bringing theatre to shopping and a culture where everyone is unique.


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