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Clò Mór the magical Cloth powering the Harris Tweed community

For centuries the islanders of Lewis, Harris, Uist Benbecula and Barra have woven the magical cloth the world knows as Harris Tweed or Clò Mór in the original Gaelic translation as ‘The big cloth’. The fine woollen material, Harris Tweed, is woven and dyed by hand in the Western Isles of Scotland. Crofters originally wove the handmade fabric to protect families against the colder climate in the North of Scotland.

Over the years, hand weaving disappeared mainly throughout most of northern Europe, with Harris Tweed a standout exception and stemming from tenacity to preserve skills and heritage above all else. Generations of mill workers and home weavers continue to build up complex know-how and abilities, safeguarding a skilled progressive community in a declining world.

Preserving skills, powering a viable local economy

While twill cloth dates back to the 1830s, the potential for spotting Harris Tweed as a viable cloth for a sustainable business is attributed mainly to Lady Catherine Herbert in 1843, who recognised the unique quality of tweed from the work of the “paisley sisters” from Strond.

Harris Tweed is a complete end to end ecosystem; tweed cloth handwoven by islanders at their homes in the Outer Hebrides, finished in the Outer Hebrides and made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides.The final process is the examination by the independent Harris Tweed Authority which visits the mills weekly before the application of their Orb Mark trademark, ironed onto the fabric as a seal of authenticity.

Harris Tweed plays an important role to the island’s economy and creates sustainable rural employment for mill workers and home weavers, living in the most remote communities in the Scottish Hebrides. In islands affected by out-migration, the Harris Tweed Hebrides ecosystem sustains the local economy and preserves the Gaelic language and culture in villages where weavers live and work.

Luxury fashion- forward gifts

Harris Tweed today is THE luxury brand revered for its high-quality wool fabric associated today with leisure activities of the elite and adored by planet-savvy buy-once communities who appreciate its warm and hard-wearing qualities. Each tweed design is uniquely woven into a community-powered woollen fabric, superbly crafted in plain, twill, and herringbone patterns and colourways.

Importantly progressive islanders remain committed to preservation in a modern world. They innovate and collaborate with quality partners, ensuring the iconic Harris Tweed remains on trend, on catwalks, and British couture stays at the forefront of creating luxury gifts. Collaborations include  Nike, Dr Martins and Bedroom Athletics, who produce exceptional loungewear including our featured chic mule slippers for” heavenly feet”.